Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Quilts UK Malvern 2017 - Round Up

Frances Meredith of Fabadashery Long Arm Quilting,  Awards Ceremony Quilts UK, Malvern 2017
Frances Meredith of Fabadashery Long Arm Quilting,
Awards Ceremony Quilts UK, Malvern 2017
Here I am proudly displaying one of my awards from the Quilts UK Malvern 2017 show at the weekend.  My red and white 'Nearly Insane' quilt was awarded The Quilt Room Award for Piecing, the Sue Belton Award for a Sampler Quilt and a Judges Merit. Thank you to the Judges and everyone for their kind comments.
'Nearly Insane' quilt by Frances Meredith and 'Sew A Row' quilt by Chris Taylor
It was lovely to say 'hello' to everyone and lovely to see some of my long arm quilting customers displaying their quilts too.  I was pleased to see my quilt hanging alongside Chris Taylor's 'Sew A Row' Quilt which I quilted for her last year.  It was lovely to see it again as it has to be one of my favourite quilts I have had the pleasure of quilting.
'Kaffe's Medallion' by Sheila Chapman, quilted by Frances Meredith
Sheila Chapman had her 'Kaffe's Medallion' quilt on display in the Large Wall Hangings category.  This was meant to use up all her Kaffe Fassett scraps, but I know there are still plenty left for some more quilts!
'Val's Quilt' by the Wye Knots, quilted by Frances Meredith
Finally, our quilting group the Wye Knots also won a rosette in the Charity Fund Raising category for our quilt which is now being given to the charity 'Hands Around the World' for a raffle.

Well done to everyone who entered a quilt into the show.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Malvern Quilts UK 2017 - Referendum Quilt

'Referendum' quilt by Frances Meredith
This is one of my own quilts which you will see on display at Quilts UK, Malvern 2017.  I have called it 'Referendum' and it is LW09 in the Large Wallhanging category.  It had been sitting in my cupboard for quite a while, but I did have a plan of how I wanted to quilt it in my head, but it never managed to elbow its way through the customer quilts I was doing at the time. 
Last year, I stayed up the whole night to watch the results of the Referendum here in the UK.   In the week that followed they managed to cram a lot in and it was difficult to pull myself away from the unfolding political events being reported on the television and to concentrate on much else.  As they say 'a week is a long time in politics'.  In the end I decided that this quilt was the perfect antidote to it all.    
'Camilla Star Diamond' by Donna Klein
'Camilla Star Diamond' by Donna Klein
This quilt uses one diamond block pattern, called Camilla Star designed by Donna Klein.  The diagonal lines were stitched in the ditch and each diamond was placed individually, rather than using the computer to do an edge to edge pattern all over the quilt.  I chose a fairly plain backing fabric so that the quilting pattern shows up nicely on the front and the back. I think it comes under the category 'semi-custom' work.  I hope that by showing different techniques on my own quilts my customers can see the potential of what we can be achieved when they bring their quilts to Fabadashery Long Arm quilting.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Marlene's first quilt!

This is Marlene's first quilt.  She has pieced it by hand and with such a large project, brought it to Fabadashery Long Arm quilting to be finished. Choosing fabric for your first quilt can be exciting and overwhelming.  She chose some lovely fabrics from one of the latest Moda collections, Dogwood Trail II, with the help of the ladies at the Patchwork Basket in Newent.
'Allouette' digital pantograph by Natalie Gorman
'Allouette' digital pantograph by Natalie Gorman
The quilt came together quite quickly and having browsed through some of the quilts I had done for other customers on this blog, she chose the 'Allouette' digital pantograph pattern which completely transformed the quilt top.  Marlene was over the moon!
'Allouette' digital pantograph by Natalie Gorman
'Allouette' digital pantograph by Natalie Gorman
The quilt was 105" x 90", so as well as completing the quilting for this large quilt, Marlene also took advantage of my quilt binding service, where I attach the binding and you have the pleasure of taking the final stitches in your masterpiece.